What We Offer

Self Cultivation Programme

At the core of the practice of Zhineng is the idea of Yi Yuan Ti. The translation of Yi Yuan Ti approximates to True Self and through this programme of three weekends we will provide you with the tools, ideas and support in order to move your practice to a new level and start to unveil your true nature, your true self.


Introduction to Self Cultivation Weekend

Any journey of self-cultivation requires a strong foundation. In this first weekend we explore the core concepts of Zhineng Qigong in order to establish a firm basis from which to deepen your practice and start on your journey of self-cultivation.

  • The Qi Field – Approaching Qi field theory from multiple directions helps us to find the core of this powerful concept. As well as using Zhineng Qigong practice, we’ll explore how the Three Treasures, Mindfulness and other related practices can help to develop our understanding of the Qi Field.
  • Gross Qi and Refined Qi – Looking at the concept of Qi we’ll experience different types of Qi, look at models such as 5 element theory and find ways to avoid getting caught in the Qi trap.
  • Going deeper into basic practice to discover new levels.
  • Xing Song Yi Chong – Understanding the importance of relaxing the body and expanding the mind.
  • An introduction to Yi Yuan Ti – This concept, that sits at the very heart of the practice, is not something that can be easily taught, if it was that easy there would be need to practice… However, it’s important to understand the direction that our practice takes us and we will introduce and discuss this concept in order for us to continue our exploration over the following weekends.
  • Hun Yuan Qi – The concept of Hun Yuan Qi was developed by Pang Ming and is at the core Entirety Theory… Understanding the basis of Hun Yuan Qi will help you to differentiate between different types of Qi and unleash the true potential that exists within Zhineng Qigong.


Self-Healing Weekend

Whether you have come to Zhineng Qigong specifically for it’s healing properties, or you are more drawn to the other aims of the practice. Self-Healing is an important part of the journey.

  • La Qi, the healing practice – possibly the most powerful and most frequently overlooked aspect of Zhineng Qigong is La Qi. In this weekend we will explore the true potential of this powerful practice on the journey of self-cultivation and self-healing.
  • Reference Framework – Introducing the concept of reference framework in relation to healing and looking at how we can practice in order to experience the quickest possible changes.
  • Controlling your internal pharmacy
  • The role of emotions in healing
  • The application of Zhineng Qigong in daily life – developing techniques to take your practice out of the practice room and enabling you to experience the benefits 24 hours a day.


Development through Transformation

Although self-healing is an important aspect of Zhineng Qigong, this idea goes beyond returning to health. In this weekend we will help you to explore what lies beyond healing and how the foundations that you’ve already developed can support you through deeper transformations.

  • The power of the mind within the Qi Field – identifying ways to affect the qi field that don’t drain your energy
  • Reference Framework – going beyond the healing application and looking at the reference framework from a larger perspective. Including understanding the different aspects of self and the wider role of emotions in exposing your reference framework in everyday life.
  • Yi Yuan Ti – Coming back to the theme that has run through the entire programme to look at how our ideas have evolved.

On completion of the Self-Cultivation programme our hope is that you will choose to share your practice with friends and acquaintances. If you want to go down this road we can offer you material to help set up practice groups and, should you want to start teaching, we can also offer a fully underwritten teacher training programme.

More details of the Self Cultivation course can be found on our events page

Senior Practitioner Weekends

Outside the self-cultivation programme we offer one-off workshops to help senior practitioners develop aspects of their practice. This could be an in-depth exploration of the methods, an opportunity to immerse yourself in prolonged practice or Continued Professional Development for existing teachers.

Details of these weekends will be published through the events page and publicised by our mailing list

Stillness Retreat

The Stillness retreat forms an integral part of the teacher training programme but also exists as a stand alone opportunity to immerse yourself in the more meditative aspects of Zhineng Qigong. Typical content of the retreat can include:

  • Taoism – exploring the concepts of Wuji, Taiji and Wu Wei through Qigong
  • Entirety Theory – guiding the practitioner to oneness.
  • Yi Yuan Ti – The nature of True Self
  • Mindfulness – How the practice of Mindfulness exists within Qigong.
  • 2nd Hand Information, Self Image and Ego
  • Integrating Qigong into daily life.

Details of the Stillness Retreat will be published through the events page and publicised by our mailing list

Summer Retreat

Led by visiting Chinese teachers, these longer retreats are your annual opportunity to truly immerse yourself in Zhineng Qigong. An important to the Three Monkeys to give practitioners in the UK the opportunity to experience Chinese teachers the authentic, chinese practice

Details of the Summer Retreat will be published through the events page and publicised by our mailing list

Senior Practitioner Retreat

There’s the potential to offer Senior Practitioner retreats with visiting Chinese teachers. These retreats will be for people with a well established practice and will typically be offered in the autumn.

Details of the Senior Practitioner Retreat will be published through the events page and publicised by our mailing list

Teacher Training Module

The modular nature of the Teacher Training programme means that you can either choose to go through our complete programme (detailed in the Teacher Training page), or you can apply for this module as stand alone training if you have previous training and experience.

The main teaching weekends cover the following 3 areas:

  • An Introduction to Teaching
  • The Practice of Teaching
  • The Art of Teaching

During the training you will be able to apply for Student Teacher insurance and on passing the final assessment you will be certified and able to gain full insurance.

There is a minimum level of practice needed in order to qualify for this module regardless of whether you come through the full programme or apply for the teacher training module as a stand alone. Use our contact form to start a conversation about this if you’re interested.