The Benefits of Qigong

Who can practice Qigong?

This system was designed with everybody in mind. Dr Pang’s system has been used with the exceptionally infirm, with children, with adults seeking to heal themselves, with healthy adults and with people who hope to further develop their potential as humans.

How can it help?

Qigong is designed to build the physical body up, from it’s lowest ebb, to full vitality.
In this system there are some exceptionally simple exercises, that can even be undertaken lying down. Often these exercises can be even be performed solely in the mind, not requiring the body to even be moved. Once the body is strengthening and becoming more stable, the exercises become second nature, allowing the emotions to stabilise also. Over time this leads to complete harmony and balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.

What can it be used for specifically?

It is often used to counter life-style illnesses, that Western medicine doesn’t have a cure for. Dr Pang proved great success in alleviating all sorts of degenerative illness. Qigong is not a ‘magic bullet’ – but it is able to make a significant difference to one’s life over a period of time. Clearly it requires practice. Dr Pang’s view is that one must take responsibility for one’s own healing journey. Having a Qigong healer or acupuncturist prop you up with their energy is fine, and last for a few days, but learning to heal yourself, and keep the healing going every day is infinity more powerful.