Thoughts about becoming a Qigong Teacher

There’s a constant flow of energy in and out of one’s life.

We go through many cycles of learning and then teaching. The most obvious cycle is being schooled, and then schooling one’s own children.

I spent YEARS studying Tai-chi, Yoga, Chinese Medicine and Qigong, until it finally became obvious that the next step was to pass on what I’d learned. As I’m happy to tell anybody “Qigong saved my life” and so it did. It pulled me out of an exceptionally unhealthy lifestyle, and showed me that there was a decent and health path I could love, follow and be proud of.

It’s not an easy journey though. Often the most broken souls decide to become teachers, as a therapy for themselves. They tend to make great teachers, as their experience is 100% real. I so often found when studying one subject, that a person with that EXACT problem would turn up shortly afterwards as a practical example for my studies. It’s the same with these “broken” teachers, they often attract people who are going along the same path as themselves, who they are astonishingly well placed to help.

The question is, how do you sustain this level of therapy, if you haven’t finished work on yourself?

The answer sadly is that it’s not really possible. So often I come across healers who have been really successful, but “Burn themselves out.”

It would be really crass of me to claim that I was the finished article! Daily I face challenges, but thankfully I now have a great set of tools to help me make it through the task.

When I first started to consider becoming a teacher, my then Tutor said to me, “Expect this to be the toughest thing you have ever done in your life!”

I laughed that off, I said to him “I’ve been working on myself and Who AM I for  years.” I’ve studied many mental and physical disciplines, all over the world. I’ll be fine!

Well, the next two years of Qigong study, picked me up, shook me thoroughly, wrung me out, and unceremoniously dumped me back on the ground from a dizzy height!  My life, jobs, relationships and family life changed totally. In short I became a different man.

  • If you have any worries about this, then maybe you are not ready for this course.
  • If you are not able to hear any criticism about your personal self and the way you behave, how will you ever be able to help your students?
  • If you are worried to STOP, and actually look inside yourself then maybe you are not ready for this course
  • If you are worried what others think or say, maybe you are not ready for this course
  • If you are not yet ready to change your health, to make changes in your personal life or leave behind the old you, then maybe you are not ready for this course

Think carefully my friend, because Qigong is the most powerful tool in the world!

It isn’t really possible to stick to the old ways and the bad old habits when you have a daily practice of Qigong. You don’t have to live life like a Monk, but things do change, you will become a better person, it may take time, but your life and your decisions will improve.

BUT – Nobody says that this will be an easy path.

MANY of the students I set out with on this journey have fallen by the wayside

There have been tears and virtual breakdowns, frustration and self-doubt.

But if you hold firm, if you grit your teeth in the eye of the storm, then I promise you a life-changing breakthrough can be achieved.

So there’s no need to be a “Broken” teacher then, In Qigong we find a daily practice that supports our energy, helps us to release negative aspects of our physical and emotional body, and builds our strength for teaching and healing others.

There’s not a day that I regret my decision to embark on this journey, and now I’m asking you to do the same!

Come join the Three Monkeys School of Qigong.  We are a community, we’ll be there to hold you if you stumble. Come find the power of Qigong with us!